Quality Assurance and Dilapidation

Quality Assurance and Dilapidation

TGVK – a trusted name in civil and commercial, structural engineering consultancy. With experience for over 30 years we have earned a name for reliability and efficiency in the South East Melbourne area, Australia.
TGVK- offers varied services for structural engineering, including quality assurance service. Quality assurance service from us ensures that all your materials, machineries, equipment and other facilities are in compliance with the specified standards. We offer quality assurance services to private developers, big construction companies and the local municipalities. This service is required during the designing, planning and construction phases of a project.

It is mandatory to maintain specified quality of materials, machinery, products and facilities of a construction project keeping safety in mind. The TGVK team has the latest resources and training to provide you quality assurance throughout the construction phase in Melbourne. We have the provision of on-site and off-site inspection and testing of materials, in parts and final products.

For efficient and unrivalled Quality Assurance/Quality Control services in South East Melbourne, Australia call TGVK at: +61 39590 0606

Along with dependable Quality Assurance Services TGVK also provides Dilapidation services in Melbourne.
It is required by every construction project to avail Dilapidation Services before it is initiated. This reduces the post construction disputes and meet insurance, liability and diligence requirements.
Dilapidation services include assessing the risk of the construction. Its effects on any existing structure within the site and the buildings adjacent to it. Any existing faults including, cracks, leakages, distortions, settlements and any other building defects are recorded. Detailed description of any defects and photographs are taken and the expected cost for repairing the damages are estimated. The faults are then ranked according to priority. The TGVK team takes care that no faults are overlooked and no details omitted. This helps the builder and the project stakeholders to remain protected from any unjustified claims and disputes.

Dilapidation services can be performed at the pre –construction, during construction and post construction phase. The precision of the survey helps the builder to estimate the damages and the cost of repairs. TGVK provides Dilapidation services for:

Property inspections are available for any facility including:

Residential properties
Commercial projects
Industrial sites
High rises
Educational properties
Public utilities and others in South East Melbourne, Australia.

Highly skilled personnel are employed in the TGVK team for Dilapidation Services. They are able to provide a detailed assessment of a construction site and its neighboring buildings and structures for:

Record of existing damage and building defects
Assessment of the condition of a structure before the construction phase
Protection from unjustified claims made by adjacent property owners

TGVK is affordable at an average charge of $500 to $700 plus GST. For authentic and prompt Quality Assurance Service and Dilapidation Service in Melbourne contact TGVK at:

Suite 24, Level 3
799 Springvale Road
VIC 3170
Phone No: +61 3 9590 0606

We are open from Monday to Friday- 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. In case you need any help outside the working hours, we are available on request.


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