Technical Support

Technical Support

As a leading civil and structural engineering consultancy agency for the last 30 years, TGVK has a history of success and good repute. We have the expertise to provide expert consultancy and designing and engineering services in the construction industry. For those, who seek Critical Path Method project control or scheduling, construction phase management TGVK is a dependable name.
The TGVK team provides technical support for those who need it during construction. It starts from the stage of floating tenders.
Many builders require clarifications and details of the construction plan, after the tender is issued. We help our clients by dealing with the builders and making them understand the scope of the project and finally appointing one. Even during the progress of the construction, the builder might require the aid and consultation of a structural and civil engineer. We fill in this void.

Our services for technical support include:

QA inspection at various stages of construction.
Engineering review & Value Engineering.

This part is complacently handled by our founder Dr. Kana Thiru with a skilled design engineer and a trained technician.
Generally TGVK provides technical support for the following four phases of construction:

Footing material inspection just after the excavation, prior to covering with plastic
Reinforcement preparation inspection, just prior to pouring concrete
Framing inspection at completion of framing, prior to covering with plaster
Final inspection upon completion of painting

The TGVK team also provides technical support while making any alterations of an existing structure especially when it involves connecting new ones to existing footings or using existing footings to carry additional loads. Equipped with adequate technology and knowledge TGVK technical support is thoroughly dependable. We have the tools to provide you with documentation of every stage of progress.


We are affordable
We have flexible working hours
We are dependable
We are prompt in our service
We provide 100% client satisfaction

For excellence in technical support and service for structural and civil construction TGVK is available for you from Monday to Friday – 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Get in touch with our team at:
Suite 24, Level 3
799 Springvale Road
VIC 3170
Phone No: +61 3 9590 0606


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