Soil Testing

Soil Testing

TGVK has the capability to perform genuine soil testing services and feature survey services for your construction project in South East Melbourne, Australia.
Soil testing is essential to gauge the suitability of the site for making decisions related to designing and planning. The characteristics of the soil is determined to measure its ability for support the structure of your construction project.
TGVK’s soil testing services in Australia enables you to:

Determine the suitability of the soil on your site and its ability to support the structure of the project
Classify the varied ranges of soil on your site
Examine the soil for its compaction, contamination, strength, organic composition, sand content and its effect on the project
Collect the data required for you to submit for safety reports and technical reports for obtaining permissions
Get accurate results and monitor the development of the soil throughout the construction phase and report any changes, for maintaining safety and health.

Along with Soil Testing Services, TGVK is also providing Feature Survey Services in South East Melbourne, Australia.
Feature Surveys are essential for all building applications and landscaping proposals. It relates to gathering of information about the features located in your property, and in your neighboring properties and the adjoining space. It comprises of the data of all natural and man-made features and their elevation as well.
It is required to produce this feature survey along with the proposed building plan to the local authorities, engineers and architect to work accordingly.
The TGVK Feature Survey services are highly in accordance with the local authorities. We are aware of the requisites that you will require to provide with your building application in South East Melbourne, Australia.
If you have purchased an old property and need to have a house constructed or have wishes for extending the existing property or is willing to develop the site, you will require a Feature Survey Report. It will include trees, ground level and any construction within the property, contours and outlines of the any existing property and its neighboring sites, come to TGVK.
We are competent and honest
We are reliable and reasonable
We are skilled and certified
We are prompt and precise

Open from Monday to Friday- 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and with flexible hours for the benefit of our clients, TGVK is available for feature survey services and soil testing services in Australia, contact us at:

Suite 24, Level 3
799 Springvale Road
VIC 3170
Phone No: +61 3 9590 0606


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