You need to consider several factors while deciding on the design of your residence. Although we think about comfort first and then the budget, a professional structural designer would think otherwise. For them it would be your safety first, then the rest. You home should made to withstand the forces of nature and natural calamities. It should protect you from rain, sun and snow. The design should be practical enough for your home to stay over you in times of disaster. Hence the need of structural designers.

TGVK has efficient and trained designers who can provide you residential design solutions with strong structural designs. We always produce design solutions that complement the aesthetics of the building and enable the intent of the architectural form and detail to be presented. Our designs are always focused on cost effective construction. Our expert drafters produce high quality, detailed design documentations to facilitate the understanding and ease of construction.

New homes:

We provide certified structural design solutions to build new residential buildings. Along with providing structural designs for constructions, we also offer support to owners and architects during the architectural design phase, providing cost effective solutions for the intended designs. We cover a wide range of residential structures including

  • Single residences
  • Luxury mansions
  • Designer homes
  • Multi units
  • Apartments
  • Terraces
  • Multi-storey apartments

Extension and Renovation:

Houses need to be extended and renovated over the years. When the number of members of a family increases rooms need to be added, floors need to be added to accommodate all. These alterations require changes in structure. Only a professional can help to spread the load of a building on the existing structure or make the minimum changes in structure to fill in to your needs.

Similarly, depreciation of a building occurs over the years. You can see the exterior damages but it takes a professional structural designer to understand the internal damages that remain unseen. If left unattended these damages can weaken the structure and make your house weak in foundation. The TGVK team has the expertise to assess damages and provide practical solutions for extension.

Similar to new houses, we offer design and technical support from the conceptual design to the completion of the extension/renovation construction.

You can rely on our trained team for finding the right solutions that is practical as well as affordable.


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