TGVK is a consultancy firm with a team of extremely professional designers providing civil and structural engineering design services with its office in Mulgrave, Victoria.

We have the efficiency for providing structural civil engineering design services and soil testing services with high level of expertise. At present we have our services in the south eastern parts of Melbourne but we will be extending to Melbourne and Sydney shortly.

The four main divisions of services of TGVK are:

Design & documentation
Building Designers
Inspections & Report

Some of the services of TGVK includes:

Soil analysis and testing services.
Feasibility study
Preparation of draft designs considering local conditions and material availability
Preparation of structural and civil designs
Getting legal approval and sanctions
Facilitating tenders and appointing the necessary team
Monitoring the construction progress
Monitoring the maintenance of ethical codes

Every project that we undertake is guaranteed with the assurance of TGVK. We consider security of the designs as our top most priority followed by the economic prospect of it. The TGVK team ensures that every design complies with all mandatory standards referred to in the national construction code. We aim to satisfy our clients completely after being appointed with our 100% involvement in the projects.

TGVK maintains strictness in adhering to time in preparation of designs so the entire process is initiated without delay; although we do not take any responsibility of the others involved in the project and their lack of punctuality.

Apart from the civil engineering planning and designing services and soil testing and feasibility services, TGVK has the facility of on job training:

For selected university students
For selected Tafe students
For selected Secondary school students

TGVK is an experience in itself. The reputed clients who are part of our strong and happy client base, have maintained a close relation with the TGVK team even after completion of their individual projects. Like us, they too look forward for a positive growth together in the future. We are flexible in the hours of our service for the convenience of our customers and are highly dedicated and committed for effective completion of every project.
If you are looking for efficacious civil engineering planning and design services in Australia, contact with TGVK. We are available just a phone call away, or you can contact us over an email. Our contact information is:

Suite 24, Level 3
799 Springvale Road
Mulgrave, VIC 3170

Phone No: +61 3 9590 0606

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  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Soil Testing and Feature Survey
  • Miscellaneous