Structural and Civil Consulting Engineers and Building Designers

Innovative, Immaculate and Ingenious Building Design & Documentation – Industry Leaders in Australia
TGVK- we are a milestone in structural & civil engineering and building design consultancy.

About Us

Our energetic, highly skilled, practical and dedicated professionals with industry leading technology have the design & documentation tools to cater for a wide range of projects within the building and construction industry. We are a one stop shop for all your building design needs. We provide complete building design and construction services.


We are proud of our work and delighted to share it with you. We have completed more than 250 Projects varying in scope, complexity and magnitude. No job is too small nor too big as TGVK has the ability and expertise to handle all aspects of clients’ needs. TGVK’s clients vary from individual owner developers to large scale infrastructure developers.

Our services ranged from:

  • Preliminary concepts
  • Town planning
  • Architectural design and documentations
  • Structural Engineering Design & documentations
  • Civil Engineering Design and documentations
  • Facilitate tenders & engage builders and/or contractors
  • Oversee construction via inspection at different stages
  • Payment approval and project management


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